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The Evergreen Tree

Waking to the sound of the hummingbird buzzing outside my window. It is spring time and everything is green. The view from our wrap around porch always beckons me. The grass, the bushes, the trees, front and center the huge evergreen sits queen of the forest. A little chill in the air, I go insideContinue reading “The Evergreen Tree”

Through my lens

Hiking has become a huge passion of mine. I began hiking many years ago with my friend Cynthia who lives in Arizona. My hikes were basically limited to the time I spent there but it became a regular part of my visits. I was hooked, the juxtaposition of the bustling city on one side andContinue reading “Through my lens”

Your personal brand

So during the last 2 years while work was scarce I signed up for many online seminars and training sessions that were available to me free of charge. They offered certifications and training in business practices, some specialized to my field, some in general. Lately there seems to be a focus on personal well beingContinue reading “Your personal brand”

You should…

It’s the last day of February and I haven’t posted a blog all month. I have multiple drafts of different thoughts sitting here unpublished.. why – because someone said “you should”… Those words tend take the joy out of things for me. When I hear them I tend to pull back rather than push forward.Continue reading “You should…”

Take a Hike

As long as I can remember, when asked, the mountains or the shore there was never any doubt in my mind. I understood the ocean and it seemed to understand me. One moment peaceful and calm, in and out, gently rolling, building momentum, and just like that a wave comes crashing down, forceful and courageous.Continue reading “Take a Hike”


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