We know what to do

These days I find myself with so much time on my hands that I am alone in my thoughts more than normal. I’ve always been a thinker, pondering why people do the things they do.

The world is a mess, no doubt about it…the political divide and the racial divide are both growing rather than shrinking. The distrust and animosity has risen to an unbelievable level because so many people on both sides of the equation have dropped anchor and refused to budge. We have become such a finger pointing society, it’s not me it’s him/her. The truth of the matter is, it is each and every one of us to a certain degree.

I despise memes.. cowardly passive aggressive digs at one another because we are too immature and insecure to sit down and have a conversation with one another. We are never going to agree with someone else 100%, but the fact that we look at the exact same situation and we see it as polar opposites is a major problem. And proves just how jaded our vision has become.

Logical thought and contemplation have been removed and we are left with pride and emotional vision.. and even when we know that there are “problems” with our position, we stick to it anyway because we just won’t back down.

I sit and watch “friends” whine that other friends have blocked them because of a disagreement, over politics for example.. but as a third party observer, you did not lose your friend because of potical party affiliation and a difference of opinion, it was because you said – “either party” you are evil or stupid or racist or lazy…well your friend is of that party so, like it or not, you have revealed to them, what you think of them. What did you expect? I would not want to be friends with someone who constantly shouted to the world how ignorant, stupid, ridiculous, lazy, etc, I was.. would you?

We need to get over ourselves and quickly, we are imploding.. and once we completely self destruct it is going to be ugly, even uglier than it is right now.. and many of us may not have what it takes emotionally to rebuild and heal.

How do we fix things? Shut up and listen to one another, pick up the phone call that friend, have an honest dialogue. Be willing to have actual conversations based on logical thoughts and specific personal experiences, then allow each other to present counter thoughts. Be willing to admit that none of us are completely right or wrong. Show some compassion and understanding. Stop being so selfish and arrogant.

As trite as it may sound, understanding is the destination, trust is the path and ultimately love is the answer.

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