Follow me… or don’t…

Every time you turn around these days, new blogs, new podcasts, new artistic designs, new direct marketing sales campaigns are popping up.. and why not.. it’s the perfect avenue to create a new career path and revenue stream in an environment where people are still inclined to stay put. I too have thrown my hat into the arena I guess, this is after all a blog and I have also discovered my ability to paint, started with rocks then spread out to ceramic, wood and canvas. I have gifted my creations as well as sold them when asked. But the truth is, putting my work out there and asking someone to buy it made me extremely uncomfortable.

I started blogging first, several years ago on a Weight Watcher’s blog, initially focused on weight loss and exercise and it morphed into a daily reflection of whatever it is going on in my mind that day, because #itsallweightrelated if you think about it. Food choices are driven by hunger, real or imagined, the imagined oft times the product of emotions, good or bad. I did it for me, because I found that it was a great way for me to get to know myself better and to coax myself into organizing thoughts that would flutter around my mind looking for a place to land. Now it is an extremely important part of my every day routine. One of two things that are every day as opposed to most days – the other is my bible reflection which now occurs very first thing in the morning and that reflection always leads to my thoughts of gratitude, which leads me to pictures in my phone which has become a museum of portraits of my grandson and those of us that love him.

My artwork was born out of this pandemic. I’ve always been musically inclined and music is a huge part of my existence, but I was the worst artist. Drawing a straight line, even with a ruler was a disaster.. until I discovered I do not belong inside the lines but rather on a blank canvas, generally frenzied and free, not conforming to exact replicas of the subject at hand, but rather my raw view of it.

I am rather intuitive, I am a good listener and a confident speaker. I have been told I would be a great sales person or life coach. Sales person, I think not. For I have no desire to convince anyone of anything. I am not interested in the buy my product pitch, I am not intrigued or excited asking people to “follow me” if you want xyz or building a brand. And as mentioned above, asking for payment for anything, makes me uncomfortable – growing up with a mentality of, if you can give it away and it will bring joy to someone, you must do it without expectation of repayment (money, favors, etc). Life coach, perhaps, if you are looking for someone to have a conversation with you in the hopes that you ultimately find your own way rather than me trying to “coach” you into what I think would work for you. I’m a lead by example kind of person.. but I can talk your ear off given the chance – I will share what is on my heart and go #wherermyheartleadsme and if you want to come along for the ride awesome, but there is no expectation.

Kind of counter productive perhaps for someone who blogs to say something that seems uninterested, but the truth is I’m very interested. Just not in follow the leader. I like to read about life experiences, I like to let it speak to me for itself without the author telling me what it is I am supposed to be thinking and/or feeling.

The words follow me hold great responsibility as far as I’m concerned…if you ask someone to follow you, the expectation is you will be providing something they need…but how do we really know what anyone needs in this social media existence…

So I will not ask you to follow me but I’d love it if you drop by from time to time and let me know if you like to exchange thoughts.

One thought on “Follow me… or don’t…

  1. I appreciate your comments and therefore you and how you make me think each and every day as I read your thoughts in the #dailymindfulchallenge. Thanks


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