The Day that Facebook Died…

And they were tweeting….

Facebook and insta went down today.. so many things that we need to say, I guess we have to find another way, is this the virtual end – should we pray?

Be honest.. did you freak out a little bit? Did you find yourself constantly checking FB and/or Instagram more than usual because you knew you couldn’t access it?

Did you begin to think about your virtual friends? The ones who you only know on-line and without these avenues, you may not be able to reach ever again?

What if all that data is lost? What will you do? Will you try to rebuild? Will you look for the same people? Will you use this as an opportunity to pretend like some connections never existed.

These are the thoughts running through my brain, to keep me from having a mini-meltdown about all my pictures… I know they are in the cloud. Or are they even still there? Hmm haven’t checked.. ok still there.. whew…

Seriously though, are you content with your connections? Can you find the people you need/want in your life if this were a permanent thing? Are there decisions that need to be made? Or do we just keep on keeping on? I had a knee jerk reach out immediately, give me your digits response when messenger came back up.. someone relatively new to my life, who I knew I wanted and needed to be sure to keep close by.. She is a light and a joy and my kindred spirit.

Who is on your friends list? And why are they there? I’m going to take a look at mine… Namaste.

4 thoughts on “The Day that Facebook Died…

  1. Is it bad I didn’t even know about this until I saw it here?

    I left FB early last summer and haven’t missed it at all. By that time I had “snoozed” all the Trumper trolls and even after that my feed was still full of people sharing stuff they hadn’t bothered to check, and about 30% of my feed was ads. It wasn’t fulfilling or satisfying or educational or enlightening to spend time scrolling through that garbage. Mostly ads and incorrect clickbait.

    I think the turning point for me was when I realized that I could just as easily have a 1:1 conversation with any of my friends on there, and that in fact I would *rather* do that. So I put my page “temporarily” offline and walked away, and the funny thing is that I do not miss it at all. Took about a week before anyone even noticed I was gone (or at least before anyone asked), so I don’t think being on there was particularly useful or helpful or interesting.

    I honestly think I’ve been more engaged and had more satisfying interactions since after SP closed, among the blogs and Google group messages of other former SP folks. 💖


  2. I left FB years ago but when SP closed down I decided I would rejoin to follow one or two of the groups such as SP Alumni. I very seldom go on FB and until I heard it on the news I didn’t know about it not being there. As you said, think about, how would you contact one of the people you really want to stay in contact with. What to do! I don’t think I would miss anyone from FB. I would miss the Contacts on Google groups from SP. In case you decide to leave Word Press give me a heads up please so I don’t worry about you! I always have you and yours in my prayers. (((HUGS)))


  3. I would miss 2 people on insta . 1 a family member and 1 person who is a great down home cook and her recipes . But I would go to her blog page . I never joined FB . The hubbie did , but we just don’t do much other than still get the emails from them . Glad all your pictures are safe . I just lost a bunch of paper pictures . Someone accidently put them in our basement , and they smell terrible and some are ruined . Pictures bring back great memories , don’t they .


  4. I did not even “check” on FB until I saw on the news that it was “down”. I did not miss it at the time, as I’m not constantly on it. It might look like I am, as my phone chimes when one of my friends/family posts, and that’s when I look. Still, it does not bother me when the phone does NOT interrupt my day!

    Seriously, the family (cousins) often use Facebook to notify of things like upcoming weddings, funeral plans (death notice is by telephone if anybody has the number, BUT, these days I don’t HAVE all the phone numbers), graduations, etc. Snail mail is like a thing of the past. Even e-mail has died. And we are talking about family here, not virtual on-line friends.

    THAT is the part of FB that I would miss if I left it. But we’d find other ways to connect. We always do.


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