In the beginning

I started blogging a few years ago as part of a weight loss journey. The focus was on food choices and exercise mostly with a little bit of every day life thrown in. It was tentative and clumsy. I felt concern over whether my thoughts were worth sharing and I didn’t enjoy it much. Then one day I started writing for me without concern about who would understand my words or would find them useful or feel they were “good enough”. Little by little I felt this freedom and the words just began to flow.

Now blogging is an essential part of my day, every day. I write whatever is on my mind and weight loss, food choices and exercise although touched on since they are part of my every day life, are no longer front and center. I follow my heart wherever it leads me each day and do not try to control or direct my thoughts. I have resolved many an internal conflict and have discovered that “writing it down” is my final step in the process of forgiveness and healing.

I am working towards a life well lived. I thrive on joy and happiness and do everything in my power to not waste energy on negative thoughts. But those thoughts do exist and there will be days I face those head on and share them as well. I believe in kindness and compassion and wish to share my joy and enthusiasm with anyone else who is interested in coming along for the ride which could lead anywhere on any given day!

9 thoughts on “In the beginning

  1. Congratulations on finally getting your blog going! I know it will be a part of my everyday reading just like on FB.❤️❤️❤️


    1. Beautiful Teresa. My daughter for Mother’s Day bought me a journal for same reason. Feels good to write things down and reflect on each day. Hoping good comes from it. Love your words ❤️


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