I forgot to remember

When terrible things happen people tend to come together initially focused on the same ideals and goals. But one by one people become disengaged, sometimes it is a difference of opinion and battle lines are drawn and people choose sides. Other times people tend to quickly forget what happened or rather to steal a phrase my father (affectionately known as Pop) uses often…I forgot to remember. Now when he says it, it’s usually when he promised Nan (my mother) he would do something.

I like this phrase because I’ve always been of the mindset when something significant occurs I try to “always remember” instead of “never forget”. To me, and this is just my opinion, “never forget” means you have to keep a hardness in your heart whereas “always remember” allows you to be compassionate, keeping thoughts alive but allowing for healing and perhaps some growth.

Depending on the issue and how closely we are impacted tends to influence the amount of time focused on the situation. We haven’t forgotten about. We’ve forgotten to remember it. We allow it to drop from our line of vision until something happens to shake it free from the place in our minds we’ve tucked it away. We find ourselves thinking “I can’t believe this happened again”! Yet why are we surprised if we did nothing to ensure it would not happen again?

I know I’ve been guilty of this throughout my life. As I’m watching events unfold and witnessing hate and prejudice rear its ugly head, yet again, I don’t want to allow myself to forget to remember this time.

We came up to the NY house to spend some time escaping reality and relaxing…but the escape was not to forget but rather clear my mind of thoughts other people want to put there. I’m sick and tired of people deciding what we should think and feel and how we should act. Through prayer, reflection, research and listening, I will come up with a path to follow and when all else fails…I will go #wherevermyheartleadsme

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