A clean slate…

So we are all, well most of us anyway, saying we need to heal as a nation. We need to support one another, we need to forgive and forget, we need to move on, we need a clean slate… Seems we want that healing but on our own terms.

In Psalm 51:10 are the words: Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. What is a clean heart: one washed away of all memories of hurt and anger, one that is a forgiving spirit, one that can move forward without considering the past. I think we all strive for clean hearts, holding onto hurts and anger is not productive and very emotionally and spiritually draining.

But the truth of the matter, I think even those who are successful in achieving forgiveness for past wrong doings, for letting go of previous ugly comments and hurtful behaviors, for feeling like there has been some distance put between where we were and where we are, there is still the expectation that whomever let you down in the past will inevitably do it again… so perhaps subconsciously prepare yourself for the other shoe to drop.. I know I was guilty of it. I have learned that forgiveness and grace bring me peace and I have learned to work towards those goals and have achieved those feelings… but the trust has been broken so I built a shield to protect me from any potential attack.

And then one day I no longer needed the shield. I took my power back and realized I can’t be hurt by someone unless I allow their words and actions to have meaning. I still get angry when it happens, I am human, but normal anger that is expressed and released. There are some places I will most likely never tread again and I am good with that, not everywhere you go needs to be revisited. If we can not be at peace with oneself, we can’t possibly be at peace with others.

I spend a lot of time in prayer and quiet reflection, more this past year than ever because I had so much extra time on my hands. But the truth is time was always there, I just did not always use it wisely. I thought other things were more important than stillness, I felt I needed to be moving and doing to be learning.

Will there be peace again in our nation? I hope so. Will it happen quickly? I doubt that. However, it is a goal that is worth every effort to try an achieve. I have faith that it can be done. James 2:26 As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead. Believing is not enough, actions must be taken. Clear your heart, start with a clean slate and go from there, then you can figure out…

What are you willing to do to help bridge the gap?

I wish you peace.

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