Good and Evil

Yesterday I spent the day in Sedona with a special friend, Cindy who lives in Arizona. We started our day at a coffee shop over looking the magnificent mountains. It was there we altered our original plans and decided to hike Devil’s Bridge instead of heading up to Oak Creek Canyon and the balance of good and evil day was formulated. We made a stop at Tlaquepaque shops where I purchased a beautiful hand crafted heart made by Robert Shields…it was meant to be…my very first visit to Sedona almost 30 years ago I encountered the former mime at his art store when I was drawn by something I had seen in the window.

From there we headed to The Chapel of the Holy Cross one of my most important places on earth. I am connected to this church, carved into the side of the mountain, in a way I am not sure I can fully explain other than to say it is a part of me, mind, body and soul.

I lit a candle for some loved ones and friends in need and spent some quiet time in prayer and adoration. I went to the gift shop and once again emerged with a Cross to add to my collection.

From there we set off to hike Devil’s Bridge. It started off as a walk through desert like terrain, then forest which led to an open sand path that we followed to the more rocky paths that led the remaining way. A cool breeze emerging at the most opportune times. The sky was a contrast, one side bright blue with puffy white clouds, the other, over the mountain was dark and ominous, the rain in the distance defined.

We felt a sprinkle as we stopped to eat our hiking snacks. When I hike, I look for hearts along the way, so does Cindy, and they appeared everywhere in every shape and size imaginable. Some perfectly formed and obvious to the naked eye and others took a sideways glance or a deeper look.

We were getting close to the bridge and the level of difficulty increased tenfold. We were excited with anticipation and ignored other’s warnings about how much further or how long a wait at the top for the “money shot”. We scrambled up a few levels

And there it was…Devil’s Bridge…as we stood in line and waited our turn watching others, some fear arose, it looked to be quite dangerous and precarious. However when it was my turn I discovered there was much more ground to stand on and my footing was secure (sounds like my life through faith)…I was overcome with this feeling of joy, confidence and exhilaration, coupled with serenity.

The devil did not defeat me, rather I stood there in complete victory. May God bless you. Peace to all. Namaste.

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