Through the years…

Good morning friends.. My upside down day landed right side up, with my hubby of 37 years by my side.. We enjoyed a lovely anniversary dinner, started off with a pitcher of sangria, there was a lovely view a lovely view, we shared the fried shrimp and calamari with chili sauce appetizer, I got the blackened mahi mahi fish tacos, he got the fried haddock then home for ice cream before another round of crazy storms hit. I ate every drop and I went back for seconds, yup yes I did.

I think as a society we put way too much pressure on ourselves for the “perfect” day. We want those special occasions to go off without a hitch…and inevitably something doesn’t pan out the way we expected.. so we either go with the flow or we let it detract from the real meaning of the day, experiencing others in such a way that we show them we love them and need them and are overjoyed that they are part of our lives.

I’d like to think that I have grown significantly over the years and have learned that the experience just has to happen to be special, there is no need for perfection and quite frankly some of those “hot mess” times turn out to be the ones we reminisce about with laughter and affection long after they occurred.

Our lives are made up of experiences and moments, some fabulous, some horrible, some sad, some scary but they all become intertwined to create this puzzle of our lives and we decide how big each piece will be in our puzzle. Will we make the great moments oversized and the subject of the scene, or will we allow the sadness and disappointment pieces grow big? The picture is how we see it… I choose to see beauty in mine… what do you see in yours?

Have a fabulous day, We’re headed DTS to play in the sea and sand with Ryder and the gang. My heart is overflowing with love and joy! Namaste.

5 thoughts on “Through the years…

  1. 💖Agree.

    Things happen that aren’t in our control and we sure make our lives difficult if we aren’t open to how things are, rather than how they differ from our expectations!

    Enjoy the sea and sand 😄


  2. Amen! The things that give an event texture and flavor are not the ones that go “exactly as planned” but the ones that just happen! Have fun playing, today!✨🕶


  3. Save TRAVELS !!
    Just seeing your face and hearing your voice.. brought such joy to my heart that my eyes turned into watering pots of pure joy. I agree with you (as usual) our lives are the sum of the bumps as well as the joys and we get to choose which we will allow to dominate and control us,,, and choosing the good blessings surely does bring the smiles and lightness into our worlds. and make us much nicer folks to associate with. I was blessed when the notification of your blog post appeared on my email list.
    Thank you for being you.
    Love and Hugs, Always, Always, Forever
    Audra (aka 75HealthyMe)


  4. Hi there Theresa!
    Beautiful blog and Happy Belated Anniversary!
    Sounds like a wonderful day and celebration!
    I enjoy your shares here. The pics or beautiful!


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