The big old oak tree

Yesterday they came and they took down the big old oak tree. Yes it was a pain, the acorns constantly dinging the cars, and the birds doing their daily bidding on these same cars. The leaves made quite the mess when they dropped in the fall.

But that’s not why we took it down, she had to go because she was diseased and damaged and her weaknesses made her dangerous. Branches came crashing down on a regular basis. Her roots began to uproot the driveway. She was too close to the house; when the winds came the vision of her smashing through the picture window was a vivid possibility.

She provided shelter from the sun, our house will certainly be hotter on bright sunny days. Her stature added an ominous feeling to dark, rainy days. Her majesty added beauty to pictures of the glowing moon peeking through her branches.

Our life is like a big old oak tree. When the things we value most are a pathway to good health, it is vibrant, and protective and creates an environment for growth and lets us climb to new heights. When we focus on things that get in the way and can make us sick, it becomes a hindrance. So choices must be made, we must try to save them before it is too late and decays completely. But sadly, sometimes, when all means are exhausted, cutting it down, removing it from our life, is the right choice. Memories may linger, sadness may set in temporarily, but once we look at the opening that has been created, we can plant again. This time hopefully something that works better in the space we are given.

This morning I woke up to rain and clouds. It is going to be a dreary day weather-wise, but without that tree, it seems lighter, I can see further, into the distance where sunshine and happiness lie.

Do you have trees in your life that need to be cut down? If so, what is stopping you from doing that? If it’s too big for you to tackle on your own, get help. We did. Namaste.

13 thoughts on “The big old oak tree

  1. A wise perspective on “letting go”, which we all have to practice at some point in our lives! I love the photo of the moon framed by the tree… a great memory to hang on to, even while letting the rest go.

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  2. I know how you feel… Have had the heart-breaking chore of making that decision myself.. It is so very sad when a “Tree Friend” has reached the point where it can no longer do its job of being a friend but has become a danger to the world around it. They do live on in the photos they are in and the memories they evoke. and soon the wound heals and life goes on, just as it should.. leaving behind a rather non-poetic ode to a tree.
    aka Audra aka sp 75HealthyMe

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  3. What a beautiful analogy between the tree and it’s declining state and our own lives. When something isn’t serving us anymore it’s time to release it, let it go.

    You do have an amazing view w/o the tree. I hate to see trees go, but sometimes it’s the best thing!

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