A day in the life of my journey to self discovery, good health and happiness

Good morning friends. Yesterday – What an absolutely fabulous, glorious day! Started the day as usual, bible reflection, #cko session. I had a little trouble really stirring up the energy level.. a bit disappointing after two fabulous sessions, but perhaps that was why. My body needed to take it down a notch even if my mind didn’t think that was the case.

Got a text from my son, my grandson Ryder decided it would be a good idea to climb up on his little table to eat his cheerios and watch tv.. bad news – can be dangerous, good news, he takes after Nonna and has mad skills to venture up high when the time is right.

Breakfast was 2 deviled eggs.. modification of a recipe on line with guacamole. Lunch was a fabulous, yes I am bragging, a homemade sourdough flatbread, topped with part skim ricotta, 2 slices of center cut bacon, brussel sprouts cooked in the bacon fat (sometimes ya just gotta), and fresh figs. topped with a one tsp honey, 2 tsp 18 year aged balsamic vinegar (thanks @simonelli2) glaze.. Holy flavor profile batman. Dinner my typical hiking fare.. banana with peanut butter in a low carb wrap and cocoa dusted almonds.

A unexpected messenger alert – anyone up for a last minute sunset hike tonight?? got my heart stirring.. work was crazy slow and it seemed to take forever to get done.

Headed up to the mountain with my friend I’ve known since childhood and we met up with some of our new hiking friends and we climbed that mountain. The group changes with every hike, this time it was 5 women as alike as they are different. We greeted one another, covered ourselves with bug spray and off we went into the woods.

We quickly came upon the small waterfalls, and continued through the thick of the forest, trees lined our way as we followed the winding path, navigating and climbing onto the rocks, the trail went up and up and up but at a very steady incline.. hearts presenting everywhere once again.

The hike was not overly strenuous, we did work up a bit of a sweat and it took some stamina. There were some picture worthy moments along the way, however, the gift was at the top of the mountain.. that is where the magic happens.. The 360 view of the mountains on one side and the lake on the other with NYC literally glowing in the distance was magical.

A very clear night, so the sunset itself while lovely, could not compare to the light and glow these five women created. We arrive at the top and explore individually and do our own thing, whatever that may be. Then we come together and be free with laughter and movement and self love and courage. We let the feelings wash over us together as the sun sets and sometimes well beyond that moment in time. Community is strengthened, souls are refreshed, hearts are exploding with love.

I met this group of people when I put myself out there and joined a hiking event, then I kept joining others and have been blessed with a new found love of exploration with some of the most kind and giving people I’ve ever met in my life. I have a whole new community of friends that have been born from the internet, people I have met while I walk this lifestyle journey to good health and self discovery.

We venture down the mountain in the dark, our headlamps lighting the way, with our sense of trust and security formed from venturing out and opening our hearts to new friends as our guide.

I had difficulty falling asleep last night, still a buzz with excitement from the experience. I worried once I fell asleep the feelings would be gone, but this morning when I awoke they were here alive and fresh in my mind, still tingling in my body, still filling up my heart. I felt the need to share them with whomever might need them.

So tell me. What are you waiting for? Go out and find your community, embrace it and grow it! You will not be sorry! Namaste.

8 thoughts on “A day in the life of my journey to self discovery, good health and happiness

  1. What an awesome post,Teresa!! Love the one with NYC all lit up!! Although it was daylight at the time, but that is what we saw when we came into the harbor 65 years ago from the Netherlands!! Came here with Mom, Dad and 5 siblings, not knowing any English. I was not happy leaving my friends and family but looking back it was the best decision my Dad made!! I am so blessed with my hubby, 5 kids, in laws and six grand kids!!❤️🌷🥰🌷❤️

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  2. Ahhhh! I found myself relaxing into your world, and view of NYC lit up in the distance… magic, indeed! Thanks so much for letting this one float on the web!

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  3. Thank you for another great sharing experience…
    I take it the Ryder was none the worse for wear after his scaling to the top of the table !!
    and thank you for sharing the photos, too!
    We have had moments of beautiful sunshine… the weather man shared a threat of thunderstorm(s) later in the day.
    Peace and Love, always always.. Audra aka 75HealthyMe

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