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So during the last 2 years while work was scarce I signed up for many online seminars and training sessions that were available to me free of charge. They offered certifications and training in business practices, some specialized to my field, some in general. Lately there seems to be a focus on personal well being and personal branding. Something which could have come in handy a lot sooner for most people perhaps.

A few weeks ago personal brand was the topic of the day… Who are you? What is your mission statement? What do people say about you when you are not in the room? These are what make up your personal brand.

The other day, someone I love stated that I might be the most inspirational person on the planet. I smiled, I laughed a little, I thought how sweet, but that couldn’t possibly be true. These words have been circling around my mind for days. The reason I felt this way, I think, was because I was considering direct interaction or rather the lack of it sadly. Life takes you in different directions and you spend less and less time with people you love with all your heart. Because of social media (when used in its purest form) you can follow along and watch growth and happiness and life take place and you can cheer from a far, you can share joy and pain, you can feel the love and warmth in your heart and through your day to day life, you can also be a source of hope and inspiration. Impressions can be formed based on a single encounter or over a lifetime of moments. My thoughts began to shift and those words became powerful, and as I re-read them, my eyes filled up with tears. I was overwhelmed that for him, this how he views me.

I lead what I consider a very simple life… others may not agree because I do many things, however the simplicity of my existence is the fact that my goal is to lead a life that is filled with hope and joy. I want the life I lead to mirror the words that come out of my mouth. I want to be a safe haven for my family and friends. A place where they can share their thoughts, their dreams, their hopes and their fears without judgement. I want to take advantage of every gift that God has bestowed upon me and I want to do my best to be a kind and loving person. I do not care about a lot of money, I do not care about fame, I am unimpressed by popularity. I am drawn to sincerity and kindness and effort. Now that being said, I get angry and upset and mean and horrible and fresh and all the other things, just like everyone else.. but I do my best not to reside in that arena for too long. There is no good that can ever come of harboring ill will or holding onto rage and anger. It becomes and anchor that drags you down.

How does that saying go? “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world”.

So what is your personal brand? Does it suit who you truly are? Take a look at what you say and what you do, you may think no one is paying attention, but surely someone sees.

Be Kind. Be authentic. Be yourself. Namaste.

3 thoughts on “Your personal brand

  1. please forgive me I did not proof-read this … rambling missive.
    Great PHOTO !! Arizona — sunrise?
    Good Morning !!
    As soon as I saw the notice that you had written another post… I smiled…
    I just knew — it would be a message that ‘felt good’.
    I have no idea what people think of me… hopefully it is better than I think they think.
    If you know what I mean.
    I think I am a natural born hermit.. Although I really do like people.. I find it difficult to meet new people face to face… but I don’t seem to have a problem meeting people as a the old fashion Pen-Pal.. where if we become friends, great,,, if not, that is okay too. But in person, if people do not want to be friends it feels like rejection.. and that hurts.
    I guess I need to learn, and soon because at my age I do not have that many years left, to not care if in-person people do not want to be friends that I am fine flying solo. With all my years of going it alone one would think that being alone would not be lonely when in a group of people in a social situation.
    I think I just figured it out… I just need to pretend when in a social situation that we are, or will soon be, friends and treat everyone as if they are my very best friend.
    I need to learn to ‘Schmooze’ and be comfortable doing it.
    Thank you Tess for letting me ramble on and just maybe have figured out something that I should have learned way back in Kindergarten.. (75 years ago). So many years of pain could have been avoided.
    Oh, since I seem to always lose my 1st draft comment to your post.. Today I wrote my 1s draft in a word document… to copy paste as a comment. Then when the first attempt to post disappears I can just try one more time.
    You are one of the special people in my world.
    You are a blessing.
    Audra (sp 75HealthyMe)
    not sure what I did but it seems my 1st try didn’t work .. an almost but no cigar.


  2. You are an inspiration – I always look forward to your posts. I always find myself thinking how I could find the joy in my life that you seem to find. Like one of the other posts here I too am awkward in social situations. I’m always self conscious stemming from years of being overweight. At almost 66 you’d think I’d get over that but still don’t. But every time I read one of your posts I wonder how I could find the joy you seem to always find.


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