Apparently we did forget…

Every year is a roller coaster of emotions, thoughts of what might have been for those lost, a little bit of hope appears and the ability to revisit joyful memories occurs, and then the sadness swells and knocks us back…this year  was particularly suffocating…I needed to escape for a few days from “we the people” so hubby and I headed to our house in upstate NY to disconnect and reflect.

We were a prideful nation somewhat aloof in our beliefs that we were untouchable…until that awful day 19 years ago…

We were rocked to the core, completely blindsided by the arrogance and audacity of our enemy to strike us in our own backyard, hell NYC was our front porch….

We banded together and we rose from the ashes, one nation, arm in arm with our neighbor.  We were kind, we were supportive, we were generous, we were nurturing.    For a while….and then as people often do, we slipped back into our everyday lives and little by little we forgot about kindness and compassion and began to feel disdain instead. Oh every year we stopped in our tracks and shared our “never forget” mentality and “always remember” sentiment with honest feelings in the moment…all the while failing to recognize who we have become.

Here is is, less than 2 weeks later and the level of ugly just keeps growing.   Gone are the always remember and never forget posts, replaced once again  with name calling,  finger pointing and spreading of information with no regard as to its accuracy.

Whether the topic is politics or racial inequality BOTH sides have become ridiculous making a complete mockery of truth and justice.  It’s difficult to support a  cause if you are unable to respect those leading the charge.

If we truly want to always remember and honor the significance September 11, 2001 we need to look deep within our own selves and fix what is broken there instead of trying to fix the other guy. 

We tried the whole get angry and take action approach and look where that led us…if we do not find a way to unite once and for all,WE ALL will be responsible for the collapse of our nation. We will not be able to point our fingers at the enemy as we have embodied the enemy with every hurtful accusation we have tossed out.

I don’t know about you but I’d much rather be part of the solution than the problem.

Psalm 139:23-24

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