Writing the script

Good morning friends. So the reality of going back to work full time in 5 weeks after being for all intents and purposes unemployed the past 14 1/2 months is kicking in. As I am sitting here thinking about the changes that I will need to institute to get back into a schedule I realize just how unscripted my life has been of late.

I had a very busy life, with many, many responsibilities and social appointments that disappeared overnight and the shock at first of going from 100 to 0 was a bit disconcerting and it took some major work to reinvent myself so that I could have a peaceful, joyful and productive existence.

Now I’ve got that vibe going and I need to relearn how to be more precise in my schedule again. But I have time to prepare this go round, valuable time and knowledge I did not possess when the world stopped turning.

Planning our vacation which starts tomorrow reminded me of my ability to focus on scheduling the really important things to do and allowing time to pick and choose other things to fill the empty space whether that is “doing something” or just sitting back and relaxing. I never really planned time to relax before.

As I head back to a more structured lifestyle I have picked up some new interests and abilities that will need to be combined with some old interests… however some things will be left behind as a memory since I have learned I truly am content in a less frenzied pace of life and do not need the social stimulation I once thought was ingrained into my personality. Very high on the “to keep list” is quality time with family, building a bond with Ryder, prayer/meditation, journaling, physical activity, and healthy eating/creative cooking. These things were always part of my existence (except Ryder), but their role has grown significantly this past year or so.

So my approach will be bullet points that turn into a script which will allow for edits as the main character (me) grows and changes.

Last night on our video call Ryder was doing his own thing, sort of ignoring grandpa and me.. he crawled into his room and was going through his books.. looking for his favorite so I “read” to him over the phone and he turned and looked at me when he heard the words “Where is baby’s belly button”… discovering things that pique his interest at a very early age… priceless.

Time to run, bags to punch, kicks to be thrown, work to be done, suitcases to pack.. ah life is good.. Have a terrific Tuesday! Namaste.

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