It’s all weight related.

For the past four years. Every single day I logged into a health and wellness site called sparkpeople  and made connections with others as part of my journey to maintain my weight loss, eat healthy and exercise regularly.   Every day during this same time except for a handful of days I blogged about my day.. 

About a year ago I started this blog when I began having thoughts I felt like needed to be released from my mind on subjects that were impacting me and my journey but perhaps were problematic for the members there who were strictly interested in the weight loss, the weight loss and nothing but the weight loss and I respect that.

There was no real direction, no one theme, I just randomly shared what was on my mind.

On August 17th sparkpeople is shutting down so I am losing a valuable piece of my daily journey to good health, peaceful release and overall well being..

What’s a girl like me to do who has a need to let the thoughts escape my mind and land somewhere I can examine, process and use to reach that peaceful place???

So starting mid August here is where I will share those thoughts daily and still dive deeper into topics that catch my interest and impact my day to day existence. Because #itsallweightrelated and #everythingwedoimpactseverythingwedo.

If that isn’t what you signed up for, I understand. To my new recent followers and fellow spark friends….let’s keep the fire going together!

Have a great day one and all. Namaste.

3 thoughts on “It’s all weight related.

  1. As we scatter all over, it will be more work, so I suspect that some will be more permanent than others as far as followers. I am definitely “it’s all related”, “weight management is a metaphor for how life is going” kind of girl, as you might know from my own Spark blog. I’m over on blogspot now, but paying attention to features on other platforms including this one.


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