Walking gently away from 2021

Growing up Pop always said “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” actually he still says it … 2021 for me, was mostly a treasure and for my last day of 2021, I took the time to really wrap myself up in my riches.

I did all the things. It was fabulous. It was fulfilling. It was true to who I am and what I want from this life. As always, first thing bible reflection, daily verse. Then I finished up the short study I was doing entitled “Avoiding the Nonsense”. Knowing when to engage and when to walk away provides for a great sense of peace in one’s life. From there off to my final #cko class of the year. A little #tullytime goes a long way!

Then home to freshen up a bit, make a slight wardrobe change and head out to hike with a group of women from a hiking page I belong to and a friend I’ve known since childhood. Gray skies and not much color over all, but I found a few bright spots. There was no elevation, a few tiny “bumps” but the trail was welcoming to a group of strangers brought together by their mutual love of the outdoors and nature. 5 miles or so later, feeling refreshed and free I made my way back home.

Ran next door to see Nan and Pop wished them a happy new year and show them some new Ryder footage. Found a random Yoga with Adrienne video on youtube, wanted to give my muscles a nice stretch after the kickboxing and hiking. It was one from a New Year’s Eve a few years back and the premise was letting go, starting a new.. How appropriate.

Feeling completely relaxed I plopped on the couch with my book and read a bit, thinking I would take a little nap since I woke up around 430am, but that did not happen. Instead I kept reading Virgin River (for the prompt – made into a TV series). I had set a goal to finish a 2021 book challenge book the last day of 2021. Mission accomplished. I read 21 books for this challenge, not too shabby.

Saw Betty White died and had a WTF moment. I began to feel angry, but then I thought.. perhaps this was her plan. Go out with a bang on the last day of a dreadful year (for many) distract them, give them a reason to reflect back and remember, make them smile, make them laugh, make them cry. If there’s an Emmy up there in heaven for final performance I have no doubt when they open that envelope it will say “Betty White”.

Rolled out my dough for bread bowls and let them rise and caramelized mushrooms and onions for our soup for dinner.

Reached out to my son to wish him, Col and Ryder a happy new year. Asked him to send footage.. Got a picture of him at the park earlier with a promise of live action shots later on. Then I hopped into the shower and washed away any of the yucky stuff that lingered.

Got a video of Ryder partying it up for New Years (approximately 7pm) by 8pm he was out like a light, a sleeping little angel. For a late night dinner, a tradition we started several years back, just the two of us, simple dinner, a cocktail or two, perhaps a movie… this year it was homemade cream of mushroom soup in the mini bread bowls, seared scallops, garlic green beans and mini crab cakes (store-bought). I made a chocolate martini which I sipped while watching the Georgia/Michigan game (felt like watching my Jets)… then finished my book under the quiet lights of my tree some candles, and smooth jazz playing. Hygge.

Dozed off at 11:17 (according to fitbit) but awoke in time to see the ball drop and exchange happy new year wishes with Big D… before drifting off to sleep, 2021 but a distant memory.

Have a wonderful day, week, year. Face one moment at a time, do your best, whatever that might be. If you are unhappy with your decision, try again. There is no stopping us, we can and we will achieve the joy our heart desires. Of this, I am sure. God Bless. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Walking gently away from 2021

  1. 2nd try.. 1st try disappeared…
    loved this blog… a bit like a memory trip to SP …. Ryder must be growing like a weed.. seems like only a few weeks ago in was a new addition to your blogs. I do miss all his growing up cuteness. and your daily what’s happening in your corner of the world.
    Pray that all is well for you and those you love.. (always).
    Audra (75HealthyMe) Jean

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