2 days until unofficial summer…eek

Well.. the scale sucks.. not really, it’s actually accurate. I’ve been riding a roller coaster since the whole 100 days to summer challenge began. Today I’m down net 1 lb from where I began.. but considering last week I was up 3 lbs .. I’ll take it. My food choices have been suspect. I haveContinue reading “2 days until unofficial summer…eek”

100 days to summer….meh… who cares

Good morning…full disclosure until I searched google this morning I had no idea this poem which I learned in grade school was born from such a renowned author… HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW There was a little girl, Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, She was veryContinue reading “100 days to summer….meh… who cares”

61 Days to summer challenge.. angles

I saw an interview with Harry Styles where he said a friend had given him the best advice..it was something like this: always remember nothing anyone says about you is real.. if they say you are the best, it isn’t true, if they say you are the worst, it isn’t true. So since I lastContinue reading “61 Days to summer challenge.. angles”

70 days until summer…I am but human

So I was on a roll, in a rhythm, exercise – check, sleeping well – check, good food choices 80/20 – check; scale was down 3lbs and holding and then wham… life… and I face planted, literally and figuratively. Got an email my 7am #cko class was canceled and instead of going to another locationContinue reading “70 days until summer…I am but human”

Being honest with yourself

I’ve lost my mojo. She says startled in her best Austin Powers voice.. So here’s the thing.. my ability to force myself to do the things is currently on a roller coaster ride.. kickboxing sign me up, hiking get outta my way, walking on the treadmill if I remember to zoom, yoga, oh man, nowContinue reading “Being honest with yourself”

The excess weight we carry

So I am up 12 freaking pounds.. The number in itself doesn’t bother me. My value is not tied to how much I weigh. True, I don’t love the fact that some of my clothes are tight; however, I made some wardrobe adjustments and was/am not bogged down emotionally. The thing that is weighing heavilyContinue reading “The excess weight we carry”

When the stranger shows up

I had an amazing weekend. Friday night a last minute decision for date night with hubby.. dinner and a live show “Get the Led Out” a Led Zeppelin inspired band. Awesome time, delicious food, great music. Saturday morning a heart pumping slightly painful #cko #tullytime workout.. felt a little twinge in my hamstring during aContinue reading “When the stranger shows up”

When the volcano blows

I hear the rush of water from a distance growing louder and louder the closer I get. It’s exciting and peaceful at the same time. I arrive at the base of the falls and the rush of the water catches hold of me. I find myself lost in the movement and the frenzy yet IContinue reading “When the volcano blows”