The Evergreen Tree

Waking to the sound of the hummingbird buzzing outside my window. It is spring time and everything is green. The view from our wrap around porch always beckons me. The grass, the bushes, the trees, front and center the huge evergreen sits queen of the forest. A little chill in the air, I go inside and grab a light jacket. Soft dew has fallen over night and it is glistening and it is comforting as I sip my coffee, read my bible, write, and let it comfort me. The buds will be blooming soon, the soft pastels will begin to brighten the palette.

Waking to the birds chirping very loudly, I step onto the porch and it is already warm. The summer sun has just come up and brings with it a bit of the heat that is expected for the day. I sit, with my coffee and take in the warmth and enjoy the reflection of the sun bouncing off the bright green mountain. Wildflowers provide hints of color scattered throughout the grass. I admire the majestic evergreen, sitting there, proud and strong. I am lost in thought, I finish my bible reflection, I listen to some music, I write out those thoughts that have now had time to settle and make some sense.. I am excited about the day.. I am ready to explore those woods and beyond in search of waterfalls and more color.

Waking to the sound of silence, it’s rather brisk, I grab my coffee and my comfy blanket. I wrap myself up and step out onto the deck. The colors of fall pop on our mountain, a few trees are looking bare, they have already peaked and their leaves having done their job. I watch transfixed as the leaves gently float to the ground. My morning ritual remains the same, bible reflection, getting lost in my thoughts, gathering my thoughts and putting them to paper metaphorically. The proud evergreen even more pronounced for she is the only one who remains constant. She is forever green, she does not fade, she does not change, she is the anchor in an ever changing life. I feel a warm sensation growing deep inside.

One day I will wake up to a white canvas, it will be bitter cold and I will need more than a blanket to keep me from shivering. I will hold my coffee tight with both hands wrapped around it as the steam comes off the top, each sip bringing warmth. I will read my bible and close my eyes as the thoughts come to me. I will jot down my thoughts, I will feel alive and filled with joy because I know in the middle of it all, she will be standing there saying hello friend.. welcome to winter on the mountain. And she will be green.

#wordprompt – green

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