Hearts of Stone

I see hearts….everywhere…

Sometimes I can’t tell if I see the hearts because I’m so full of love or I am desperate to feel a certain kind of love.  Sometimes I wonder if they are about love at all. Maybe they are signs to keep going on my path, I’m headed in the right direction. Or maybe they appear as I’m pondering ideas and it signifies I should explore these thoughts further. Maybe it means do it for the joy it could bring. Maybe it means I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Are the hearts really there or am I taking stones and other random objects and making them into hearts in my mind’s eye? They must be real, other people can see them too…but why are they jumping out at me?

What do they mean? Am I  broken, am I abundant?  Is love lost, do I want love back? Do I need to share more love?  Or is it just here,  glowing warm and steady, waiting for the right time to ignite, whole and healthy? Love is there for the taking and the sharing. Is it a reminder to not get bogged down in the ugly that surrounds us sometimes? Do they appear to jolt me away from feelings of anger, dislike or judgement? Or is it about love at all? Of course it is about love. Everything we do is about love, or at the very least it should be! So perhaps these are reminders that I am love.

24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute…fleeting moments shadowed in doubt and uncertainty….surrounded by joy and light. I am loved. And no one or nothing can take that away from me. 💖

3 thoughts on “Hearts of Stone

  1. Amen. It *is* all about Love, surrounding you, acknowledging your affinity for love, being beloved, loved and lovely!


  2. Oh, Ms Teresa
    I do hope that every time you see a “heart” whether cloud or stone, leaf or flower you find a spark of joy. A joy that should you be sad, confused, or maybe even a bit lost at that moment, a joy that will help you find that inner peace that makes life palatable.
    I know it isn’t fair but I always think of you as always having everything all together with nary a doubt or troubled thought… It isn’t fair of me because I know that everyone has doubts and regrets it is all about the human condition. (I suppose there may be the occasional person who has no doubts or regrets but they most likely have no conscience and truly believe they are perfect and everyone else is flawed.)
    You listed so many questions.. you must have been in a doubtful moment in time.. I think you see ‘hearts’ because each time you see one…. it brings you joy. AND, I do not believe anyone can have too much joy in their lives.
    I love that you see the hearts — every where — !!
    Please keep looking, finding,,, and sharing your heart and your found hearts, too!
    Hugs, Audra


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