Why today….not tomorrow

If you have ever engaged in any get healthy, weight loss program then you would be familiar with the term “finding your why”. They tell you, if you find your why it will help you stay focused. Well what if your why changes every day?

Sometimes they tell you to make a vision board with your why as the focal point. You cut out pictures of things you want or the future you see for yourself and you perhaps include some motivational phrases, etc. And it does so much to really inspire and lead people.. Sigh… nothing, it does absolutely nothing for me.

There are people who really struggle with trying to find their why and that becomes an obstacle rather than a tool for support. I am not goal oriented per se. I do not create lists and check off things as I accomplish them. I am not driven by a dangling carrot. I consider what I want and compare it to what it is I truly need. From there I determine how to work towards achieving it.

Every morning, I wake up to a new day and what was my mind’s focus yesterday may be somewhere down lower on the totem pole or even a long forgotten memory. If you are like me, then spending time finding your why, may not be your answer either.

I think, for me at least, being in tune with what I am feeling each day is essential and from there it is easier to figure out the day’s why. This week, I am not ashamed to admit my why for intense exercise is my stupid myzone. As of this morning, I need 343 more zone minutes and I will achieve Hall of Fame status and I will retire this electronic little devil. I tend to use it primarily at kickboxing and this past month I have hiked several intense hikes and did not attend multiple kickboxing classes I normally would have attended. I did not wear the dang myzone hiking, nor did I remember to put it on for the 5k I ran or I would have long surpassed the goal. Instead, I now find myself scrambling.

This why is superficial, yes, it is a pride thing for sure.. but truth be told Monday night, I would not have dragged my butt to the 6pm class which I normally do not take if I did not need the minutes. And I seriously felt like rolling over and hitting snooze yesterday morning when the alarm went off, but I got up, got dressed and gave it my all. I am not going to fall short after months and months and years of torture from this bloody contraption!

So my advice to you is, choose your why dependent on where you are in your life’s journey. Don’t be worried or concerned if it seems to shift, that is totally natural! If you can’t think of a why, don’t stop what you are doing. Continue with what feels natural and allow it to come to you. And remember your why does not have to make sense or be approved by anyone else; it just needs to get you moving so you reach your destination!

Why oh why.. because I can.. so I will!

Be Kind. Be determined. Be flexible! Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Why today….not tomorrow

  1. Thanks for this perspective. I started with a why that got me to my goal but then it has been a struggle to find another why. I like the idea of listening each day to what I need.


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