Six pack – I struggle finishing one beer

What is fit? The dictionary says – in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.

And what is “good health”? A google search provided this answer… about health in general: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

I found myself freshly showered looking at myself wrapped in a towel.. My arms have come a long way baby.. I must give credit where credit is due.. that is 80% #cko! Kickboxing has been huge in my toning and firming my arms and my legs.. although I’ve always had rather muscular calves, now they border on beast level and I don’t completely hate my thighs anymore.. Roundhouse kicks and squats, lots of squats, definitely do wonders. For a woman of 56 soon to be 57, I have very little cellulite on my legs or my butt for that matter…but I digress.

As I stand there completely vulnerable and I drop that towel, I look at my belly, post babies, ah who am I kidding, for goodness sake they are grown men already, post menopausal, fairly recent… I am intrigued. Yes there are stretch marks, yes it jiggles more than any other part of my body, yes if I were 30 years younger someone might suspect I was at the beginning stages of pregnancy, and the slight bulge of love handles catches my eye… but I find myself fixated. You see, I have these two deep indentations along my obliques which appear without sucking or attempting to suck in my gut. Hmmm not bad.. I think, not bad at all..

Society and the media have set these almost impossible standards that leave us not only judging one another’s appearance but often times our own as well. I consider myself a fairly fit, very active person. I put in the work, I kickbox, hike, do yoga, run. I am open to trying new things, Ju Jitsu for example, and recently I began some small group weight training. Except for fleeting moments of … could I do better? – I feel comfortable in my own skin. Most days I look at my midsection and think – I don’t even like beer…why kill myself for six pack abs… then other days, I think – but you know they make six packs of wine now and you like wine… hmmm food for thought?

One thing I know for certain, no matter what at the end of the day, my physical body does need to be strong to support me, but it does not determine who I am or what my value is. My actions, my words, my heart, my spirit determines that.

Women of any age, love yourself, your whole self and get to be friends with the person in the mirror. She will be your biggest ally if you let her!

3 thoughts on “Six pack – I struggle finishing one beer

  1. Amen! The body is here to function. Health looks attractive. You look great, by the way! There’s something about fitness that helps us see the good in ourselves, and that’s for sure. It’s not about the number on the scale. It’s about loving and respecting the whole person that we are.
    – Barb


  2. Hello Teresa
    I loved your post. ever so glad you had that little one-on-one chat with yourself.
    and then shared the recap!!

    Also, ever so very glad I found you and friended you back in the day of SP land. I always looked forward to your blog posts on your home page. I still miss my SP friends and their blog posts… for me that was the very best part of that …. what does one call it… a site? organization? Well, whatever it was it was a large part of my world.

    That was an interesting definition of health.. I will make a copy to ponder more later. It has me wondering if our society today is less healthy than it was say 25 years ago, or if we are just made more aware by the rapid (sometimes rabid?) dissemination of happenings and the number of reiterations subjecting our senses. Obviously we have too many very sick people running around loose.
    I wonder how much of the mental/emotional illness is due to the breaking down of the family unit.
    Does the decline in the church family have a part in this also? I wonder. 25 years ago there were 5 very large ,,, very active churches in town. Since then the population has doubled but the churches have shrunk. It seems there is now only 1 very vibrant and active congregation, 2 more still holding their own, and the other 2 are sharing resources and barely hanging on by a thread.
    People are not meant to live in isolation yet too many have no group to call their own aka “family”.
    Oops. sorry, a mini blog.
    I know I should delete most of this… but I guess I need at least one person to hear what I wonder… at least one set of ears.
    Hugs, Audra


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