100 Days 2 Summer Challenge – Blowing things up

My initials growing up were TMT, I used to always say to watch out, I’m one step away from dynamite – you know T’N’T. Well here I am 40 years later and once again I’m striving to blow things up again only this time TNT stands Toned ‘N’ Trim. This is my main objective, but obviously dropping a few of these unwanted pounds who want to be my friend again will also be on the radar.

Today is day one of the challenge I signed up for with #cko. The girl who is not a fan of challenges is currently knee deep in challenges – a 20 day squat challenge, #200jfwsquats – this 100 days of summer challenge, #cko100daychallenge – the 2023 #52bookchallenge – read/listen to 52 books in one year, and the #hikers365challenge – hike 365 miles in one year. Maybe I should rethink my position on challenges..but I digress.

Getting Started…Focus…Mindset…Setting my plan…

Mindset is key. I find myself a bit excited, first time in a little while. I’ve become complacent and while I still make more healthy choices overall, the ratio has shifted a bit and it shows, but more importantly I feel it.

I created a daily spreadsheet for tracking activity, food, sleep, water, mood, etc.to be used in conjunction with my brand new Dream Keeper notebook created by my super talented nephew @dk.dreamkeeper. In my world filled with journals, this one is now my dedicated to healthy living, mind, body and soul space.. I will do a daily check in with the challenge group to be sure to take advantage of dialogue and tips provided by the coaches. I will continue to share my random thoughts and aha moments with my tribe. On Mondays I will reflect upon my previous week’s journey here for accountability to myself.

I weighed in at home this morning first thing, and I will weigh in again in studio tomorrow morning for my official starting number which I will not share.. never did understand people’s curiosity with other people’s weight.. I will share that I am about 15 pounds above where I feel most comfortable and will discuss my progress.

I will not be dieting in the sense of can’t eat this, only salads for lunch, ironically today’s lunch was a salad with roast beef, cheddar, celery and spicy ranch dressing, but I will be actively in tune with my menu and what I choose to eat, not to eat.

I’ve booked multiple #cko classes for the week that are non negotiable and will add others as they fit into my schedule. I will be including other forms of activity as well, walking, jogging, hiking, yoga, squats.. whatever the day calls for. I’ve set a minimum of 11k steps a day as my base. That being said, I will listen to my body, I will rest when appropriate and I will push through when appropriate.

There are prizes available based on different factors, but for me the grand prize will be a stronger, more disciplined, lighter, more toned and trimmer but hopefully not meaner me. Here goes… until next time!

2 thoughts on “100 Days 2 Summer Challenge – Blowing things up

  1. Great article! It’s inspiring to see someone taking charge of their health and committing to a challenge. Best of luck in achieving your goals and becoming a stronger, more disciplined you!


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