2 days until unofficial summer…eek

Well.. the scale sucks.. not really, it’s actually accurate. I’ve been riding a roller coaster since the whole 100 days to summer challenge began. Today I’m down net 1 lb from where I began.. but considering last week I was up 3 lbs .. I’ll take it.

My food choices have been suspect. I have definitely eaten when not necessarily hungry just because food was in front of my face. Sleep has been a bit erratic, I would imagine the intake in sugar is wreaking havoc with my results. My physical conditioning routine is in a good space however. I’m kickboxing 3-4 times a week and along with a few short but intense sunset hikes, I am also hiking for distance to get ready for the 20 mile Mammoth March in August. I’ve completed multiple 10 plus mile hikes the last few weeks and feel an increase in stamina. Dropping a few pounds will probably add to my endurance, but keeping them on will not hinder me from accomplishing my goals.

Saturday we are leaving for a 5 day trip to Florida which will include MMD at a beach club and some time out on the ocean on a boat, docking for lunch along the way.

The weather forecast is amazing, we’re seeing relatives we haven’t seen in a few years. I am not working, I am on vacation, what a treat that is. I will not be concerned with worrying does this makes me look fat…Bathing suits, cute cover ups, shorts and tank tops are coming with me… I’m going to have fun, I am not going to be worried about a little jiggle when I wiggle. I have a very versatile wardrobe and comfort and functionality is my goal. I am very glad however when I saw this really cute one pieced bathing suit last year on Amazon that I bought a second one, same cut, in a different pattern, extremely flattering for just about any body type. The extra few pounds I am currently carrying would not have changed those choices.. bikinis are for back yard pool floating and laying on the beach to achieve color parity belly to legs to arms.. Parties, boating, volley ball, cookouts, etc.. all equal coverage and support.

So if you’re like me and you did not hit a number goal, forget about that. Remember what this weekend is really about, honoring those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. When thinking of them and taking time out of your schedule to pay your respects, show yourself some respect and free yourself from any feelings of self doubt or unworthiness. Instead shine bright, be yourself and make beautiful memories with the ones you love.

One thought on “2 days until unofficial summer…eek

  1. Remember and honor, indeed! I saw a meme on FB this morning about Gold Star mothers having given their life’s work in service to their country… and my heart ached. Be kind to those whose sons and daughters have put on a uniform, but this weekend especially remember those who paid the ultimate price.

    And enjoy Florida, as fully yourself. The scale is not our grade in life!


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