54 days until summer – Do my results match my efforts?

The scale was a rollercoaster this week.. which basically matched my emotions. Control what you can, that is what they tell us… simple right? I have definitely let outside forces impact my choices and my focus. I landed about a half pound heavier than last week, but truth be told, that is a gift. The number could have been much higher.

If that were all I was focused on I might consider these last few weeks a bust, but truth is I am getting stronger. I feel it. I can see it. Yes there is that belly bulge, but underneath, there is solid muscle. My legs are stronger, carrying me longer distances with a bit less effort. My arms hold some definition even if not flexing, and I’m not flexing 99.5% of the time. I’m not thinking “ugh bat wings”.

Today I am sitting in an amazing head space. Took some work to get here, some soul searching, some prayer, some intense kickboxing, a lot of swearing and a complete release. I know this is true because I have been tested a few times and the only reaction that surfaced was laughter. Easily, naturally.

So it seems, if I am being honest with myself, which I always am, my results do match my efforts… The next question is – am I content with that?

I guess we will see next week..

One thought on “54 days until summer – Do my results match my efforts?

  1. The efforts definitely matter. The results will happen or not (we don’t always control, as you’ve said before.) Hoping that you find that you can stay in a happy head-space. Well done on all fronts!


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