61 Days to summer challenge.. angles

I saw an interview with Harry Styles where he said a friend had given him the best advice..it was something like this: always remember nothing anyone says about you is real.. if they say you are the best, it isn’t true, if they say you are the worst, it isn’t true.

So since I last checked in I’ve been pretty busy. Work was well… work. Five kickboxing classes in the books. A bridal shower, a see ya soon dinner, a concert. Two work event nights out, food and cocktails. Two fantastic hikes; a 4.4 mile sunset group hike with some people that have become important pieces in my life’s puzzle. It was a clear relatively warm night where the sunset was glorious, laughter ensued, doggie kisses were had, quiet moments of release washed over me and then the hike down in the dark, under an abundance of twinkling stars lit up the night sky. Heavenly. On Sunday I did a 8.4 mile moderate hike with two of the girls, excellent conversation, some fog and mist, some inclines and elevation, working on stamina and strength for the 20 mile mammoth march in August. I created some delicious/nutritious meals in my kitchen and I filled my heart and soul with cuddles, love and laughter during grand baby visits..

I dropped the 4 lbs I gained the prior 10 days. Anger tends to be my enemy in my heathy journey, my food choices are sometimes more aggressive, but even when I am following basic principles, when I am at that level of stress, my body “holds on” it seems. I am still working through that process and am wrestling with feelings of disgust and complete disrespect. However, I will not waste time or emotions on a person who is not worthy of my friendship. My silence speaks volumes.

So.. going back to my original thought…Not the best, not the worst – these pictures were taken within minutes of each other.. first one I thought – do I look thick in this? second one I thought, nice shot; third one – wow I look really fit. It’s all about angles, isn’t it! The slightest tilt or turn and a situation or we can look completely different. How I look at a particular moment in time says nothing about who I am as a person overall. Yes, we like to look good in real life and in pictures (because the worst of the worst always seem to get the most air time), but feeling good, is so much more important and impactful.

My goal this week is not to yo/yo. I am 1/3 of the way through this challenge have a net loss of 3 lbs in total because of the prior week’s gain. I had originally thought that I wanted to be down 15 at the end of the 100 days.. realistic – maybe, maybe not. We will see how my body feels about that. The deal breaker for me is I must be in better condition and stronger to hike more strenuous, longer distances than I was on day 1. That is my true goal.

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