Being honest with yourself

I’ve lost my mojo. She says startled in her best Austin Powers voice.. So here’s the thing.. my ability to force myself to do the things is currently on a roller coaster ride.. kickboxing sign me up, hiking get outta my way, walking on the treadmill if I remember to zoom, yoga, oh man, nowContinue reading “Being honest with yourself”

The moment I realized the correlation between NFL week 15 and my lifestyle

I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for several years now. I have a three tiered process, faith, food and fitness.. Recently my fitness stronghold has come into question due to circumstances out of my control. My workout routine has been upended. This paired with some of my own spiteful, somewhat petulant behavior, and 7 unansweredContinue reading “The moment I realized the correlation between NFL week 15 and my lifestyle”

Just for the sake of doing it

I am not a competitive person. I do not have what one would consider an addictive personality, nor am I reward driven which is why I find it surprising at how many times I have allowed myself to be sucked into “streaks”. I am a lifetime Weight Watchers member.. so if you are familiar withContinue reading “Just for the sake of doing it”

Not much traffic on the high road

Last evening I got an email that I had a new follower on my blog, it made me smile, but I thought it was odd. I haven’t posted anything in 6 weeks, I hadn’t even thought about it for weeks but early yesterday I found myself here staring at a blank page, reading through someContinue reading “Not much traffic on the high road”