100, make that, 78 days 2 summer… where I’m currently residing..

I know spring officially started a few weeks ago, but I am finally feeling it.. or at least my face is feeling it.. Sinus headache, allergies, migraine, not 100% sure but last night as I was playing with my grandson, I bent over to pick up the nerf basketball as he was squealing again, again and I felt off.. by the time we got in the car and was heading home, full blown something.. accompanied by feelings of nausea.. had to keep my eyes closed and slowly sip water to keep from getting ill.

Went home and tried a few headache cure methods, since I struggle to just lay still, before finally dozing off to sleep. I’m not sure but I think some of the pressure points I was working may have helped a bit, but who knows, it could have all been in my head. Ha. Woke up this morning with a dull ache and a thought about sleeping in.. Habit, discipline, this challenge hanging over my head perhaps, was enough to get me up and out. I went to #cko and put in the work from the place I was residing, cognizant of the fact that if I moved a certain way, I felt like I was going to wretch. Not looking for sympathy, truth is I face very little adversity on the daily. On the contrary, it just heightened my respect for someone who doesn’t like the spotlight who deals with crap like this every freaking day.

Since last week’s accountability check in… I’ve taken 4 kickboxing classes and hiked twice. My menu this week consisted of a few omelets (spinach and sweet potato on the money), eggs in purgatory (or huevos rancheros); one or two protein shakes, corned beef, homemade mushroom soup, salmon bisque, roasted brussel sprouts, pizza, salads, fish tacos, stuffed crepes, cheeseburger, salmon burger, dark chocolate, nuts, apples, figs, raspberries..

I haven’t weighed in yet officially this week.. should have been this morning.. will do it Thursday instead. But I do weigh home almost every day and what a roller coaster it has been.. one of the reasons I don’t let the number on the scale get the majority vote in my health assessment. There is no way I lose/gain 2 -3 lbs over night… the body does what the body wants sometimes no matter what effort we put in. However, we can’t use that as an excuse or be blind to contributing factors when we find ourselves stuck somewhere we would rather not be.

My head is still feeling pressurized, for lack of a better word, and I know today I will be faced with food challenges due to feeling like this. I’m going to want to feed my headache or try to dull the ache with comfort food.. but alas, I do have a plan. I’m going to do my best to stick to it. But if things go astray, I will look upon tomorrow with a new set of circumstances and navigate my course from there.

We’ll see what the scale says, but despite today, I am feeling stronger and my stamina is building. Huge wins at this point in the challenge. Lifestyle. Do more the things that you enjoy. No one says you have to force yourself to do the things you hate.. well… you know what I mean… some things are in our control, so choose those things!

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