70 days until summer…I am but human

So I was on a roll, in a rhythm, exercise – check, sleeping well – check, good food choices 80/20 – check; scale was down 3lbs and holding and then wham… life… and I face planted, literally and figuratively.

Got an email my 7am #cko class was canceled and instead of going to another location about 10 minutes further down the road, I chose to do nothing. Later that evening I discovered that I had inadvertently led a serpent into a good friends garden. I am usually a good judge of character, but I missed this one’s cunning and deceptiveness. I was consumed with disgust and anger and there went the next 2 night’s sleep.

Good Friday was mostly spent on the mountain. A grueling 11 mile plus hike, an invigorating, exhausting, bonding experience. A series of climbing, straining, scrambling, heart pumping brutal inclines intertwined with some straight easy (so I thought) paths to allow for us to regain momentum and strength. It was on one of these straight aways that I tripped on a small rock and was headed face first for a huge rock, but luckily I am still quite swift, and I was able to land on a cradle of my fore arms (did not want to break my wrists) and walked away relatively unscathed, thank goodness my old prescription glasses are still usable.. Once home there was no energy left to cook, so eggplant rollatini and angel hair spaghetti to the rescue. I also canceled 8am cko the next morning.. there was no way my body was up for that class after what I had put it through.

Easter weekend, brunch on Saturday where Ryder and Walker were the light of everyone’s day. Love and laughter filled my heart and soul. Food was delicious and abundant although not enough vegetables were served and while I made fairly good choices then, later in the day is when the sugar fix began…

Then Sunday, started with a lovely mass, where some angst from the earlier discoveries was released and dinner was faced with good intentions but once again the day devolved into sugar.

Sunday night choices to be made.. booked the 545am class Monday, 7am Tuesday and 7am Thursday #cko classes … then changed my mind and moved to the 600pm Monday class so I could catch up on my sleep.

Monday my food choices were about 50/50.. the class began to reset my mind. Another good night’s sleep occurred.

Tuesday, 7am class in the books.. Good choices throughout the day to allow for the prime rib dinner I had planned, perfection.. Another good night’s sleep.

Today, I weighed in 4 lbs up from last week and 1 lb higher than when I started this journey 30 days ago.. but such is life. Ebbs and flows, ups and downs, bumps and bruises, they are a part of life. Last week I allowed those to turn into excuses, this week they will be fuel.

You may knock me down temporarily, but I will not stay there. I am a child of the light. I will not hide in the darkness. I am in search of truth, hope and love always. There was no coincidence when I opened my bible app this morning and John 8:12 was the featured verse.

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