The moment I realized the correlation between NFL week 15 and my lifestyle

I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for several years now. I have a three tiered process, faith, food and fitness.. Recently my fitness stronghold has come into question due to circumstances out of my control. My workout routine has been upended. This paired with some of my own spiteful, somewhat petulant behavior, and 7 unanswered pounds have rapidly appeared on my body on top of the 3 that were just hanging around. While I am not necessarily concerned with a number on the scale unless it impedes my ability to function and do all the things I love to do, I can say, however, my vanity nerve has been pricked a bit. Even though how I feel about myself remains unchanged, I do not love taking something out of the closet or a drawer and having to decide if it looks good/feels good. It has been a very long time since I have had to ponder that. For quite some time now I have been able to grab anything and go. At the moment, accessories and angles are my friend! I always feel great in a cute hat!

This feeling is nowhere near as devastating as those 36 unanswered points put up in the second half of that crazy Vikings/Colts game.. geesh.. but perhaps just as painful as the 4th and 1 conversion that was instead a 49 yard touchdown go ahead score in the Lions/Jets game.. and just like my current situation, where I predicted that if I did not step up quickly I would be dealing with unwanted pounds.. I predicted that play and score moments before it happened.. whether it happens quickly or slowly, the results are the same, not where you want to be… except I have a lot more than 1 minute and 49 seconds and 3 time outs in my back pocket. .. Ugh.

The year is almost over and I find myself for the first time in a very long time in a place where I need to reprioritize my eating and fitness routine for my well-being.

I am still unsure where my fitness routine will take me. Do I crumble like the Jets defense without Quinnen Williams? Or do I make adjustments and stand firm? There are factors I must consider, but I have devised a plan b if the worse case scenario presents itself.

I will tell you this.. no trick plays or crazy diets. Every so often I get that, “oh just fast a few days” thought in my head and then I’m like nah.. that’s so not you.. And seriously, did you see how that gimmick play worked out for the Patriots! (Sorry couldn’t help myself). But seriously, I have a lifestyle that has served me well which I will return to. 80/20 split of delicious, nutritious food, scheduled, intense workouts, low impact workouts, hiking and exploring, faith, peace, laughter, family time, friendship. 2022 has been good to me and I will not leave the year wondering what if I had called timeout sooner and had a few more moments on the clock to make the adjustments I needed for the win.

So who’s with me? Who wants to get back in the game while there is time left in regulation?

2 thoughts on “The moment I realized the correlation between NFL week 15 and my lifestyle

  1. I’ve been on board since Halloween, and couldn’t be happier with how things are going. I went through a similar “awakening” shall we say, that things could not continue to degrade. Let’s go for it!


  2. Hope your Christmas was Merry.. and wishing you a Happy Healthy 2023.
    I know I am late reading this blog. I have a lavender hat that looks very similar to your red one.. I love that hat and always get compliments on it.
    Meanwhile, I know you will live your game plan and score yourself a win.
    Hugs, Audra


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