Not much traffic on the high road

Last evening I got an email that I had a new follower on my blog, it made me smile, but I thought it was odd. I haven’t posted anything in 6 weeks, I hadn’t even thought about it for weeks but early yesterday I found myself here staring at a blank page, reading through someContinue reading “Not much traffic on the high road”

Goodbye 2020… no hard feelings

I haven’t written much lately, well actually that isn’t true. I’ve written a lot lately, in fact I write every single day, but I haven’t shared much here lately. I have multiple drafts started that sit unfinished and if I am being honest I feared they were “too happy” or “too critical”. 2020 has certainlyContinue reading “Goodbye 2020… no hard feelings”

Thanksgiving is not a day, it is a way of life

I am in a really great place physically, emotionally, spiritually. I feel happy. Yup I said it, in these crazy trying times where everyone is so focused on the negatives of what is happening around us, which I am not down playing in the least, I am filled with hope and joy. Even though myContinue reading “Thanksgiving is not a day, it is a way of life”

Apparently we did forget…

Every year is a roller coaster of emotions, thoughts of what might have been for those lost, a little bit of hope appears and the ability to revisit joyful memories occurs, and then the sadness swells and knocks us back…this year  was particularly suffocating…I needed to escape for a few days from “we the people”Continue reading “Apparently we did forget…”