It’s all weight related.

For the past four years. Every single day I logged into a health and wellness site called sparkpeople  and made connections with others as part of my journey to maintain my weight loss, eat healthy and exercise regularly.   Every day during this same time except for a handful of days I blogged about my day.. Continue reading “It’s all weight related.”

Good and Evil

Yesterday I spent the day in Sedona with a special friend, Cindy who lives in Arizona. We started our day at a coffee shop over looking the magnificent mountains. It was there we altered our original plans and decided to hike Devil’s Bridge instead of heading up to Oak Creek Canyon and the balance ofContinue reading “Good and Evil”

Do we even understand what it is we are fighting about?

I find it quite interesting that some people are so up in arms over the decision by Dr. Seuss corporation to stop printing a handful of books. Just as interesting that they felt the need to make the announcement they were stopping production. Last year approximately 5000 copies of And to Think I Saw ItContinue reading “Do we even understand what it is we are fighting about?”